History of Borgen

In January 1987 «Stiftelsen Borgen» joined YWAM.  Ever since, YWAM Borgen has been the northern most YWAM base in the world.

We started the first DTS September that year. And now we have had over 30 years with DTS.

Throughout the years, we have been working in Russia, Bulgaria, Greenland, and West-Africa with a special focus on «Nordkalotten». 

We have a huge passion for working with children and youth. Many family and kids camps have been run during the summers, including short outreaches abroad. We believe the youth are the future of the world and want to see them set on fire for Christ.

Our DTS has continued to draw more people with a desire to reach the unreached, pioneer and explore new territories both here and around the world. We have had a focus on international Justice issues and influencing society but have now expanded our DTS to include many tracks, like Youth and Outdoor focuses, to follow our calling and better meet the desires of youth today.  

As our base grows, we hope to host more camps and adopt new schools, like the School of Biblical Christian Worldview, in order for God to disciple people in even deeper, richer ways. 




Loren Cunningham was 20 years old when, during a time of prayer, he received a vision from the Lord. In this “mental movie” he saw a map of the world with waves crashing on to the shores. But, as he watched, the waves became young people and covered all the continents of the world. These young people were everywhere; out on the streets, proclaiming the good news of Jesus, bringing light in to the darkness, reaching out to the hopeless and giving them a living hope, everywhere, caring for people. Even today, the waves are still flooding the nations…