Worldview Seminar

The search for truth and meaning is one of the most common of human pursuits, yet we all have different answers. Our world is full of diversity and different perspectives, which produces different worldviews stemming from tightly held beliefs that form the basis foryour life and actions. 

In this four week seminar, all participants, through understanding the Christian responsibility to engage the underlining ideas of today's culture and society (i.e. science, art, politics, philosophy, media, ethics, etc.), will have the opportunity to think critically using analytical tools. Our goal is to attain discernment and become a whole and integrated person in the intellectual pursuit of forming a Christ-like mind. We will try to understand how the prevailing worldviews attempt to see, interpret and answer the question of reality, and will also look for an alternative by comparing today's prevailing worldviews to the Biblical Christian worldview.

This course will consist of workshops, including formal and informal discussions, small groups, media analysis, classroom teaching, singing/praise, and prayer. We desire that through these workshops we can create a community of learning, open dialogue, respect for each other, as well as challenging one another in love. 

We invite you, on the quest for truth and revelation of God’s good and perfect will for you, others and the rest of creation! You do not need to be part of YWAM to participate in this seminar so join us, YWAMer or not, in this beautiful and wild part of the world, and explore the grandeur of God while enjoying the midnight sun!

Week Topics
Week 1: Foundations in Worldview 1- Introduction to worldview and pre-suppositional thinking method
Week 2: Foundation in Worldview 2- continued study of worldviews and application of pre-suppositional thinking method
Week 3: Application 1- introduction to re-interpretation method and how to apply it in the spheres of society; workshop
Week 4: Application 2 and Re-entry- More practice applying re-interpretation method in the spheres of society and applying the re-interpretation method to current events; discuss how we apply our worldview in our sphere of society


Date: June 5-29, 2018
Price: 8,500NOK (1,000$ USD) Weekly Price: 3,000NOK (370$) 

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