Open weeks during fall 2018

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950 NOK
includes food & housing


Are you interested in joining for a week of teaching in the DTS? Here are the weeks that are open for you to come and be apart of the DTS for a week. Please contact us if you are.

Open weeks:

Week 47: Spiritual warfare

How can we overcome the struggles the devil puts in our way and walk in the victory we have in Jesus, and how can we see God´s will be done on earth as in heaven. Join this week to learn more about spiritual warfare.

Week 48: Worldview

Everything you think, feel and experience is effected by your worldview. Join this week to learn about worldview and how it affects our lives as well as what is a christian biblical worldview.

Week 50: Lordship

Is Jesus Lord of your life? How do we live a life were Jesus is truly on the throne in our everyday actions, life choices and relationships. Join the week to learn more about the Good Shepard as lord of your life.

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